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Really interesting set of thought pieces – they call them frameworks – from Society and Data on the future of work. The 5 papers are:

  • Understanding Intelligent Systemsunpacks the science fiction stories of robots to look at the various ways in which intelligent systems are being integrated into the workforce in both protective and problematic ways. Much of what’s at stake in this domain stems from people’s conflicting values regarding robots, drones, and other intelligent systems.
  • Technologically Mediated Artisanal Productionconsiders the disruptions introduced by 3D printing and “maker culture,” as the very act of physical production begins to shift from large-scale manufacturing to localized creation. The imp

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Business is not booming for most restaurants, Bonnie Riggs, restaurant analyst for the market research firm NPD Group, told Nation’s Restaurant News in a recent interview. Riggs, who’s been studying restaurant traffic trends for more than 30 years, says business has never been as sluggish as it is today for restaurants.

Most restaurants have yet to bounce back since visits fell 3 percent at the height of the recession in 2009, and there are little signs of improvement on the horizon according to NPD Group.

“We are forecasting for the industry to grow less than half of a percent per year out to 2022 in terms of [foot] traffic,” Riggs explained to Nation’s Restaurant News.

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  • PRESS DIGEST – Wall Street Journal – Oct 3Fri, Oct 3 2014
  • UPDATE 1-Market Chatter-Corporate finance press digestFri, Oct 3 2014
  • Market Chatter- Corporate finance press digestFri, Oct 3 2014
  • Kellogg CEO planning to meet United Biscuits to discuss deal: WSJThu, Oct 2 2014
  • – Hewlett-Packard Co plans to break in two, separating its computer and printer businesses from its corporate hardware and services operations, the Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday.

    The company plans to announce the move as early as Monday, the Journal said in a report on its web site that cited people familiar with the matter.

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    Austerity versus growth version 3.0 at G20/IMF

    - World policymakers gather in Washington later this week to ponder how to sustain economic recovery at a time when the United States is about to turn off its money taps.

    Given the same G20 finance ministers and central bankers met in Australia only two weeks ago it is not hard to guess how the debate will go: most of the western world will urge the euro zone to do more to foster growth and Germany will warn against letting up on austerity.

    That debate has circled within the G20 for three years and is fizzing now in Europe with France, Italy and others pressing for a loosening of fiscal strait-jackets to allow time for economic reforms in defiance of Berlin’s wishes.

    “Existing flexibility within the rules should allow governments to address the budgetary costs of major structural reforms, to support demand and to achieve a more growth-friendly composition of fiscal policies,” European Central Bank President Mario Draghi said on Thursday after a monthly policy meeting.

    The Federal Reserve will end its program of bond-buying with new money later this month, a prospect that has already driven the dollar higher and created jitters about a reversal of money flows out of emerging markets back into the United States.

    The euro zone in the guise of the ECB has been doing its best to come up with new stimulus, though it has shied away from full quantitative easing so far.

    Its most effective card may be euro weakness, the flipside of dollar strength.

    The euro is down almost 10 percent from a peak against the dollar in May.

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    Millennials Like Experiences (So Do Others)

    According toFueling the Experience Economy, a research report released by the events company Eventbrite, the average millennial (aged 18-34 in their study) prefers live experiences over material things.

    Key millennial findings from the study:

    • 77% say their best memories come from experiences
    • 69% say that their experiences make them feel more connected to their communities, other people, and the world.
    • 78% say theywould choose to spend money on a desirable experienceor event over buying something desirable
    • 69% experience the fear of missing out (FOMO) we they cant attendsomething that their family or friends are going to.

    Of course Eventbrite is in the business of selling experiences – I love their tagline: Dance more.

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    Coffee wastewater generates precious energy for farmers

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    Weve seen waste coffee put to use generating energy on a small scale in the past, but now UTZ certified’s Coffee Wastewater project is turning toxic wastewater — produced by coffee farming — into energy on a far larger scale, tackling climate change and protecting water resources in the process.

    Ordinarily, the wastewater created by coffee farming is toxic, and if left untreated, it can contaminate water resources nearby with harmful effects on flora and fauna. The Coffee Wastewater Project by UTZ tested wastewater from a range of coffee farms of varying sizes and created treatments and mechanisms to reduce the environmental impact. While

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    UAE. Emaar Properties PJSC (EMAAR), Dubai’s only listed developer to survive the property crash without an annual loss, plans to sell shares in its hotel business after its mall unit became the emirate’s biggest public offering since 2007.

    The company will announce the hotel sale “in the next few months,” Chairman Mohamed Alabbar said at a conference in Dubai today, less than seven hours after Emaar said it raised $1.6 billion from the share sale of its malls unit. Alabbar declined to provide more details on the IPO.

    These companies “reflect the true contributing sectors of Dubai’s economy,” Tariq Qaqish, head of asset management at Dubai-based Al Mal Capital PSC, said by phone from Dubai. Because of hi

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    Closing Businesses Outnumber Startups in the U.S.

    Businesses begin and end every day in America. But what does it mean when the number of businesses closing their doors outnumbers those that are starting up? According to John Dearie, executive vice president of the Financial Services Forum (a Washington-based trade organization), it means bad news for small businesses and the U.S. economy.

    In recent testimony before members of the House Small Business Committee, Dearie said that new companies are closing more quickly and hiring fewer workers–indications that the startup economy’s vital signs are “flashing red alert.”

    Dearie’s testimony also included research showing that most of the net new jobs in the U.S.

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